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You’ll notice the link to the Basic Fraud website below is down –
but may I remind all, if they had some intent to bring it to their desired result, they’re in violation to my Invoking and draw the consequences for their actions – The Laws are.

There are documents below that can be read in this site by clicking each link – so all is not lost through the silly games that they play by trying to create fear mongering paranoia, how they’ve been threatened and their site has been collapsed, which is utter bullshit, as stated above, I believe their action has been explained.

G. D. Simmons.

Australia’s Illegal and Invalid Constitution 

The below is from the Basic Fraud website who have excellent documentation and other articles regarding the Australian Constitution and the Australian Government being null and void.

The Basic Fraud website can be viewed by clicking the below link. 


Basic Fraud

"The Truth Will Set Us Free"

Hello and welcome to our website !   This website has been established by a number of concerned Australian people who have for some time been aware and disgusted about the corrupt and deceitful behaviour of the British Parliament, a succession of British monarchs (including Elizabeth II), other members of the British royal family, British and Australian politicians and the Australian, British and European Courts.

Even though the information contained within this website deals mainly with Australian political and legal issues, those people also living in New Zealand and Canada are also directly affected to the same degree.

You will soon discover as you do your own investigations, that the elected Government and the entire Judicial System of Australia are totally unlawful, fraudulent and invalid!

This has enormous ramifications when considering International Treaties entered into by the these Governments, any Australian political appointments, the banking laws, the whole Court System, just to name a few, have NO legitimacy and are totally null and void.

Are you an Australian citizen who has a pending legal action through the Court System, where your bank is about to foreclose on your home, or do you have a legal matter with the Tax Department or any other Government Department (such as the Police for traffic or parking violations), or the Local Councils (for council rates), or Debt Collection Agencies, or anyone else ready to persecute or prosecute you?

If so, then you really need to study this website now and learn the truth, as you may have a justified case for 'Human Rights Abuse' and you might even be in a position for a substantial compensation claim against them for 'economic deprivation'!!!
(Refer to the 'Downloads' section for more information).

However, if you are an Australian, New Zealander or Canadian citizen who is not being persecuted by your government at present, but who is concerned for your future and that of your Country, this website may then open your eyes to the political and judicial abuse of power and the associated corruption, manipulation and deceptive behaviour of these people!

Please feel free to investigate and do your own research of our website - especially all of the documented evidence.

We would recommend you first click on the heading 'SYNOPSIS' to get a greater understanding of the issues and concerns raised throughout our website.

Please forward our website address to all your family, friends and colleagues and encourage them to visit.

It is more than time that the people of the world took a hard look at what is happening within the political and judicial systems in their own countries and unite to end this blatant, disgusting, fraudulent and criminal behaviour, thereby ensuring and protecting the future of our children!


The Commonwealth of Australia's armed forces during World War I displayed a fighting ability, courage, and endurance which made them a legend wherever they fought. All of them were volunteers. Sixty-one thousand, seven hundred and twenty of them died and ennoble the soils of France and Gallipoli. Over 155,000 of them were wounded. All carried the scars of war for life as a badge of honour. "…

By this recognition Australia became a nation, and entered into a family of nations on a footing of equality. We had earned that, or, rather, our soldiers had earned it for us. In the achievement of victory they had played their part and no nation has a better right to be represented than Australia…" Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia, William Morris Hughes House of Representatives Wednesday, 10th September 1919

Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia, William Morris Hughes
House of Representatives Wednesday, 10th September 1919.


Australia - The Concealed Colony

PDF   Australia The Concealed Colony (not available for download)
PDF   AUSTRALIA revealed

Australian Government

PDF   Senator Aden Ridgeway Speech to the Australian Parliament Re The Invalidity of The Australian Constitution - Senate Official Hansard June 2004
PDF    Australian Constitution Convention Bill 07 December, 1921

Compare the Queen's Signature

Below are a number of documents comparing the alleged signatures of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on official Australian Government Documents.

We challenge you to compare these signatures and evaluate them against the authentic signature of Her Majesty and conclude whether you believe they have all been signed by Queen Elizabeth II,or are they in fact forged signatures?

Also ask yourself "Why are the signatures at the Top of these Government Documents and NOT at the Bottom of the page, where you would legally be required to sign any type of official or legal document or contract"?

By signing at the top of a document it simply means you have read that document, however by signing at the bottom it legally binds you to that document or contract and acknowledges your acceptance of what is written on that page.

PDF   A Comparison of Signatures of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
PDF   An authentic copy of the Queen's signature
PDF   An authentic copy of the Queen's signature No. 2
PDF   Commission of Sir William Patrick Deane as the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia.pdf
PDF   Commission of Sir Eric James Neal as the Governor of the State of South Australia.pdf
PDF   Commission of Sir Guy Green as the Governor of the State of Tasmania.pdf
PDF   Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No. S108 7th May 1990 Queen's Award of the Nursing Service Cross
PDF   Commission of Major General Philip Michael Jeffery as Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia


PDF   Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia - Sir W. Moore1902
PDF   Peter Gillies Constitutional Article 

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