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The CT-Scan and its writings were on page 2 of the 2 page flyer with the Coroner's letter as page 1, as shown on the home page and over 10,000 were sent out before this website was put up.

This is not the X-Files - this is real and in Australia. The CT-Scan shows there are several objects placed in my throat, with one in the spine at jaw level. The hole in the back of the neck shows 'wire' running down towards an object, which is between the trachea and spine. There's an object of sorts, below the jaw, and the trachea at base of throat is half its size, which was damaged during a clandestine operation. I was never told there was a need for surgical correction and the reader should also question as to why there's almost a 90 degrees elbow joint at the top of the trachea -- ? ....6

Gary's CT Scan showing foreign objects
Note: I had no prior knowledge of this surgical operation to my throat, when I was a Navy Clearance Diver, that left me unable to write, spell or converse with clarity for almost 30 years. Yet, I could read and comprehend during this time and in recent years I have regained these lost abilities. The above CT-Scan proves that during my Naval Service the Navy used its small but elite branch of 100 Divers for "medical and mind drug experiments" and being the cause for many of these divers' early deaths.

Also the Brisbane Supreme Court has shown "how Evil the Judicial System has become", when it ignores this and other evidence I submitted for two separate hearings, to obtain orders from the Court for relief from me being subjected to selective justice and indifferent treatment. They also ignored both my Affidavits where I stated in both file No BS 9166/03 and BS 1127/04, in paragraphs (4) and (12) respectively that, "As part of my duties I engaged in several clandestine operations, one of which was the removal of the body of then Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt from his home out to an awaiting fishing boat the night before it was reported he disappeared while swimming".

People receiving this CT-Scan flyer can help to expose the truth by copying it and passing it on, because in God's name these issues have to be exposed, so please help me to achieve this result. Further documentation on disc can be obtained by contacting Gary Simmons on 07 3267 5964 or Pamela Morrison on 0405 311 272, or call at 15 Ludgate St., Banyo QLD 4014. (I am in need of financial assistance to expose these issues to make our Government held accountable for its evil acts.)

*Please Note: John Williams, who has used my CT-Scan image has stated to me in an email "shocking and important evidence of the existence of electronic implants".

Mr John Williams is a former Senior Electronics Design engineer; Professor of Computer Science (NMSU); Electronics Weapons Design Engineer (Navy, Air Force); and Health Physicist (NIH) and so I have no doubt that he is very experienced in this area and in identifying what he sees.

Mr Williams has my CT-Scan on his sites and agrees with the objects I have mentioned and further adds that he sees other strange 'objects.' Do you?" --- Below links for John Williams, remarks:

Operation Report from February 1971 regarding changed removal date of drain tube
Operation Report from February 1971 regarding changed removal date of drain tube

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