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The murder of Little Brooke Brennan and the Selective Justice that I am subject to where they ignored me and concealed my evidence during the murder trial of Brooke Brennan where Troy Self was convicted of murder and sentenced to life absolute.

The Selective Justice and Indifferent Treatment that I am subject to is due to my Naval Service as shown in my Affidavit of the 11/11/1999 against the Defence Department and how I held a Top Secret Security Clearance. Also, as shown in the Prime Minister's letter, 15/9/2003, there is no doubt about how my High Security encompasses every aspect of my life and this sort of Security can only happen through being involved in Clandestine Acts and where one of these being that of the Harold Holt murder.

I would like the reader to be aware of how my High Security interferes in other peoples lives and also denies others seeking the truth or true Justice and during the last 20 years, I have become very aware of my Indifferent Treatment by the Police and Government Departments where complaints made by me, or made by others against me were ignored and this was also the same regarding matters involving my evidence for others if they were using me as a witness or getting me to verify an event, their paper work would also be ignored.

Also my Selective Justice allowed "them" to interfere in the Due Process of Law which became apparent during the murder investigation of little Brooke Brennan and also, was apparent during the murder investigation of Jimmy Singh. The Police were able to ignore and conceal my evidence, even though I had witnessed events first hand involving both victims and while residing at their addresses. This Authority over me also allowed the Police to ignore my evidence and my Police complaints in regards to evidence being withheld and concealed for both the murder trials of little Brooke Brennan and that of Jimmy Singh's, which were held 18 months apart in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

By the reader being aware of how I am subject to this Selective Justice and Indifferent Treatment, they will then understand the predicament that I was in regarding little Brooke Brennan when we were all residing in the same house together for a period of 9 weeks and 4 days during the last 14 weeks of little Brooke's life, when I am denied normal avenues to make complaints as others are able to do. This is why during that period I had sort help from many other people but they refused to support me or intervene in the situation that had developed with little Brooke in the household at that time.

Also the below complaint was totally ignored by them, the Police, Politicians and our so called Australian Free Press and so were all my other previous correspondences and Police complaints regarding little Brooke's murder and Police Investigation and also the murder investigation of Jimmy Singh and how my murder evidence was being denied. The Police and other Authorities were becoming frustrated by my actions where I had taken the liberty to fax all the Judges at the Supreme Court in Brisbane and also the High Court of Australia all my writings and police complaints detailing how my evidence was being concealed. I believe it was the establishment who got a false charge laid against me where I was then jailed for six months as shown in the Prime Minister's letter of the 15/9/2003, and I believe this was done to silence me and to destroy my credibility and integrity.

The reader should also note: that they also had placed me in the same jail as Troy Self, the convicted murderer of little Brooke Brennan when I was a remand prisoner and this I also believe was done deliberately to me in the hopes that I would sought some form of vengeance against Troy Self where they then could have contained me further to conceal me and my intended quest to expose the truth regarding me and the establishment as I have shown with this website.

My period of six months in jail resulted from Ella Parsons, the mother of the convicted murderer of little Brooke Brennan who had me charged with grievous bodily harm and may I add, there was no hospital report. The Police and the Court refused to tell me what evidence they had against me for this charge and where my requests were ignored and some 4 months later while still in jail, It was then I finally obtained their so called evidence and the charge had then been reduced to assault. The case eventually went to trial by Jury at the Brisbane District Court where I represented myself and it was then the Judge stopped the case as the Prosecution was unable to prove their case as there was no evidence to support the charge. Also, I must add, after spending 6 months in jail, on release, I was denied signing my release papers and also on release from jail, I was refused the Social Security jail benefit payment.

Note: Regarding my situation when residing with Brooke Brennan and what was occurring, I would like to bring to the readers attention why I then took the only option left available to me which was passing information on to my daughter. I believed at that time this option would have brought about the result of safeguarding Brooke Brennan but that result proved incorrect.

It does amaze me how all these people have been able to just wash their hands of this event that involved this 3 1/2 year old little girl named Brooke Brennan and makes you wonder in what God do they believe in because my God won't be so forgiving to those who can sell their soul against that of a child's.

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