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Firstly, the Government placed me on a civilian disability pension as stated in Affidavit of 11/11/99, in 1999 without a medical nor fronting any review board and it was said to me, it was Defence related and was a manifest grant as also stated during these Tribunal Hearings. Then a couple of months after my website is up Centrelink inform me I have to do a medical review or my pension will be cut off and this is 6 years after granting my pension and never having done any medical before. It's only after Centrelink could not provide me a copy of their medical records I requested a copy under Freedom of Information because how could I do a medical review without knowing under what medical condition they had me stated on their records.

Also the Appeals Tribunal is governed by acts of Parliament where the Australian Prime Minister can issue a Leader of the Government Certificate (commonly known as the Prime Minister's Certificate) to nullify my evidence under National Security. --- This is the action the Government has taken with all my previous cases and evidence, which had allowed for rulings to be in their favour so now the reader should see I already knew what they were trying to accomplish with this, "their" under handed tactics by now trying to obtain my consent by forcing me to have a medical review.

As shown below "they" can fraudulently write reports and produce false documentation and evidence when it involves me as they know full well I am unable to use the system to have them accountable for "their" criminal acts. In the past they have used these under handed tactics to try to get my consent and allowance by trapping me through my own actions and this is why once again they thought they would be unaccountable for their chosen action, WELL WRONG PEOPLE, as "they" were fully aware of my Invoking as shown at: Australian PM Informed Website Under Second Law and also having copied every page of the website for their appeals documentation that was lodged to the Appeals Tribunal. Also as shown below, I lodged a final submission to the Appeals Tribunal to inform them that I am withdrawing my consent to the game that is being played out before them by the Australian Government and Centrelink and this is why they are now accountable for the action they all chose, which I will now explain.

As I have Invoked the 2nd Law of the Universe here in Australia, I give No Allowance to anyone or anything in the flow of Creation to violate my Invoking as it's through my Invoking of the 2nd Law of the Universe here in Australia all are accountable for illegal technology on Australian soil and here on Planet Earth and for violating the Laws of Creation. As shown in my CT-Scan, illegal technology is being used on Planet Earth and this illegal technology had been placed in me against my freewill and consent, when I was under the legal adult age of consent (then 21 years old) during the period when I was a Navy Clearance Diver involved in several clandestine acts, as stated in my Affidavit of 11/11/99.

And also as the Australian Constitution is illegal and invalid shows how no-one has ever obtained the true consent of we the Sovereign People of Australia to have Joint Military Facility's along with it's "alien technology" on Australian soil such as Pine Gap or to have Satanic structures such as the Australian Parliament House built on Australian soil (see photos).

It should be remembered "they" used me for "their" Evil Agenda when I was a minor and I withdrew my consent when I was 21 years old which was then the adult age, by demanding to be discharged from the Navy, where I was given an Honourable Discharge in 14 days and it's this action, which put my Invoking of the 2nd Law of the Universe into play and has taken all these years to for me to comprehend and understand the position I had taken and stand today. - Also see my writings above Letter to John Howard the then Australian Prime Minister.

It's of no concern to me whether people accept or believe what I am saying as I only have to satisfy my own knowing but the facts speak for themselves, view my CT-Scan and see the objects in my throat and question how evil is this to control ones life and which is in violation to the Laws of Creation and for those who ignore this evil act against me, should ask themselves in what GOD do they believe in? Yes, "they" thought they could control and do what they liked in the Satanic world they created 4000 years ago and not be accountable but now "they" are accountable through my Invoking for what has been done to me when I was underage and for all the violations that has occurred here in Australia and these violations can never be undone, "they" are accountable and "they" know it.

May I add, I don't care what people want or say must happen as I give No Allowance through my Invoking, there will be no New World Order, Anti-Christ or Mark of the Beast nor will the Australian Parliament house with it Satanic symbols be the New World Order head quarters as these are in violation to my Invoking.

This is why this evil game on Earth is slowing down dramatically and it will soon be at a stop and then all on Earth will see the illusion that was created including all the Emporers are wearing no clothes as "they" are accountable and have no authority to be here or to play this evil game here on Earth when it is not even "their" Planet. In other words, their game is over, them and their Satanic God are accountable now to our Highest Authority, our Creator through my Invoking of the 2nd Law of the Universe here in Australia and where now their mocking has come to an end.

The reader should now decide for themselves what is truth

Now if I had failed to lodge the below appeal within 60 days, it would have validated all their evidence, especially the cut and paste fraudulent psychologist report they had on me as stated in Affidavit 27th October 2005 and its only after receiving their hearsay statement 2 days before the deadline of 60 days, I realized what they were trying to do and a week later this was verified when I received an order signed by the Tribunal Member, Ms Carstairs where she refers to the below letter of Boris Georgieff now as an Affidavit when it has not been sworn or witnessed.

This shows how all have sold their souls against principals and truth and ignore the Rule of Law when it involves me but may I add the intent they all had is in violation to my Invoking of the 2nd Law of the Universe and to this website Invoked under my Invoking, so in what GOD do they all believe in as mine is unforgiving when you sell your soul against others and stand in defiance to his Laws. - Also read Affidavits Prove Reports are Manufactured on Me to see more of their under handed tactics.

My Application Lodged to the Appeals Tribunal on the 2nd December 2005

My application lodged to the Appeals Tribunal on the 2nd December 2005

Final Submission Where I Withdraw my Consent to Participate any Further
Final Submission where I withdraw my consent to participate any further
Below is the Hearsay Statement and its Hearsay Evidence Which They Refer to as an Affidavit ??
Below is the hearsay statement and its hearsay evidence which they refer to as an Affidavit ??
Notes on Psych Report of June 1999 - Part A
Notes on Psych Report of June 1999 - Part A
Notes on Psych Report of June 1999 - Part B
Notes on Psych Report of June 1999 - Part B
Administrative Appeals Tribunal Order Rrefers to Hearsay Statement as an Affidavit ??
Administrative Appeals Tribunal Order refers to hearsay statement as an Affidavit ??

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